Our 8 Megapixel Security Cameras provide a resolution of 3266 x 2450 pixels which is much higher than the 1080p Cameras that many top named security companies still use.  
Let’s face it,  what’s the point of having cameras if you can’t see the intruder’s face?

Our cameras record to an NVR (network video recorder) which offers 24/7 recording plus the ability to view the cameras via your phone app or computer. Large internal hard drives allow for weeks of record time. AI capability allows you to narrow your search down to people and vehicles, instead of endless searches that end up wasting hours of your time.

See what’s going on anytime that you want to day or night.

Our cameras 8mp cameras offer superior matrix IR night vision. The difference is clear. There is no hiding in the shadows. The darker it is, the better our cameras can see the intruder.

Our 8mp cameras offer color at night and Smart Motion Detection technology which improves alarm accuracy and decreases the number of false alarms. The advanced SMD algorithm analyzes a scene for human or vehicle motion, while filtering out other motion due to trees, leaves, animals, weather, and triggers an alarm when detected. SMD also saves time when searching recorded video by filtering false alarms and allowing quick retrieval of an alarm due to a person or vehicle

Our surveillance cameras watch over you, the people you care about, and everything you own. Call our security system designers now for your free quote.  985-507-5898